Michigan Winters Mean Merlin Safety Covers

Once again, we’re headed for winter here in Michigan. (Shocking, we know). We’ve found over the last couple of decades in the business that there is one cover manufacturer we suggest over and over again, and that is Merlin Industries Safety Covers.

They can cover basic to crazy pool shapes and sizes, and have some of the best designers in the industry…

If we can get your cover designed for you this year, please give us a call. We’re happy to!

This photo demonstrates how terminology may be difficult to decipher when it comes to safety cover choices.

On the far right is one of our competitors’ “standard” mesh cover materials; this is often compared to our standard mesh – DuraMesh II (pictured in the center.) As you can see when it is held up to a fluorescent light, there is a HUGE difference in the amount of shade between the competitor’s standard (far right) and our standard (center.) CHEAPER does not always mean BETTER and all “Standard” safety covers DO NOT provide the same level of shade protection for pools.

On the far left, we have our SmartMesh material; Merlin’s patented material and the only mesh safety cover material on the market to provide 100% shade. Look at that protection from the light!! Without sunlight able to get through the material, algae is way less likely to grow when the pool is closed in the off-season.

Make sure to compare samples before assuming all mesh materials from all manufacturers are the same!

Future Trends of China’s Pool and Spa Market

Following the very successful staging of the 2017 edition this year, Asia Pool & Spa Expo 2018 will return to Poly World Trade Center Expo, Guangzhou China during May 15-17 next year. Exhibit Space applications and the booth allocation have been started in this August. Don’t miss your chance, reserve your space today!

Future Trends of China’s Pool and Spa Market

Pool and spa industry in China has developed towards wellness or health care and its market takes on a new outlook.

As wider and wider public attention has been raised on the chloride harmfulness, ecological swimming pools will be an excellent alternative for chloride-dosed swimming pools. While spas are now no longer an exclusive right for women. According to a survey conducted in 2014 in Guangzhou, Beijing and Shanghai, 58% male respondents are in favor of spa for men. Plus, wellness tourism is a global industry worth 494 billion USD. In 2015, the scale of China’s wellness tourism has reached 40 billion RMB and it will continue to grow by 20% annually to 100 billion RMB by 2020. Obviously, the pool and spa market has gained great momentum nowadays.

Gateway to Asian Market

Potential as pool / sauna / spa market is in China, the industry insiders require a professional and reliable platform to reach out to global clients. Asia Pool & Spa Expo which is recognized as the largest specialized expo in China and a leading one in Asian market, is definitely a compelling gateway to Asian market.

Asia Pool & Spa Expo 2018 will gather all the eminent and distinguished exhibitors from this field and in turn they will showcase a wide range of products and services related to Pool & Sauna & Spas sector, such as control system for swimming pool, water treatment chemistry, pump, agitators, gas detectors for ozone, filters and filter systems; sauna controllers, sauna heaters, steam rooms, infrared Saunas, accessories; medical spa, spa hot tubs, spa systems, cosmetic, sun beds, etc. Visitor profile of this event includes agents, dealers, traders, scientific research institutes, government agencies; clubs, resorts, spa and bath centers; villa design institutes, decoration & design companies; hotels, hotel management companies, etc.

Keep an eye out for this big event to come. The Asia Pool & Spa Expo will be working through out the rest of 2017 to bring a you bigger and better industry gathering in May 2018. You will not be disappointed!

Organizing Committee

Contact: Jenny Xiong

Phone: +86 20 29188293

Fax: +86 20 82579220

E-mail: jenny0124@aliyun.com

Website: http://www.poolspabathchina.com

Update Your Pool Controls: Simplify Your Life

Two huge objections to owning a pool are cost and maintenance. The cost of owning a swimming pool depends entirely on the type/design of pool you choose. Before you nix the idea, talk with a pool design company (like Legendary Escapes) and come up with an estimation. The cost of maintaining a swimming pool can be more affordable nowadays thanks in large part to increased technology in pool controls. Consider investing 2-3% of the purchase price of your pool in your control system. Upgrade to a smart system that can handle basic maintenance tasks without you having to leave your living room.

It use to be hard to have premium pool and spa controls but now they are becoming much more popular and affordable, too! As well as the dramatic drop in price, controls have become simpler for consumers to use. They are typically as near and familiar as the icons on a computer screen or a smart phone.

Even if you have an existing pool you wish to upgrade to higher-quality and newer controls, it can be done. It can be worth the investment in the long run to install a variable-speed pump instead of a single-speed pump and taking the old time clock with a mid-level control system. New controls and energy-efficient pool pumps are great partners to save you time and also lots of money on your energy bill.

Manufactures want you to buy their products, surprising right? They create most automated pool controls very user friendly and try to keep in mind things like iPhones and Microsoft word- both technology that most people are comfortable with.

If you haven’t already, consider upgrading your pool controls and single-speed pump. If you are in the business of constructing a new pool for your family then do it smart with smart controls.

Four Habits of Successful Pool Owners

sun shelf, andronacoTesting Your Water

Owning a pool can seem like a big investment, both financially and mentally. However, it doesn’t have to be. With the proper training from a pool service technician and routine, anybody can become a successful pool owner and master what he or she needs to keep their pool looking and working great.

“If you want to have a great pool experience, you need to follow proper technique and use quality test strips.” says Al from Ask the Pool Guy.

Getting a bad read on a water test sample might not mean what you think. If your test is incorrect but you treat your water anyways, your pool chemistry will be even more out of whack.

Consider these four steps to guarantee accurate test results and to become a more successful pool owner:

  1. Don’t just test one area of the pool. If you are stepping down into your pool and inserting the test strip right by the steps, in the shallow end of the pool every single time, that sample is not accurately representing your whole body of water.So where do you test then? Simply use a plastic bottle or cup and take a sample of water at least a foot deep from the middle of the pool- away from return lines and skimmers. That should give you a more accurate test which you can then use to determine your water chemistry.
  2. Follow directions! It sounds simple but it’s easy to mess up. If you’re use to using a certain brand of test strips that require a quick dip in the water, your next brand of test strips might want you to swirl the strip in the water. These little steps can really impact the reading of your water chemistry and throw off your treatment plan. Make sure to read all directions before testing your water.It’s important to note that test kits don’t last forever. It’s a good idea to replace them once a year.
  3. Make sure you, or someone you know, can accurately see the color differences. If you’re wearing sunglasses or are in a shaded area your test strip results are going to look different. Some people have trouble with color discriminations and that can cause trouble matching color blocks. If you aren’t sure, ask a friend or re-test your water before treating.
  4. Be aware that chemicals can interfere with your water testing. For example: chlorine that exceeds 10ppm or bromine higher than 20ppm can bleach the pink color of a DPD color-matching sanitizer test. That will cause false readings. Generally speaking, if you are noticing odd results be aware there are a range of options for your test strips to be off color. Take into consideration all of these factors before treatment.

As aways, your local pool service team at Ask the Pool Guy would be happy to perform scheduled maintenance for your pool, or talk over water testing with you. Give us a call today!

Pool Lighting and Safety Issues

When you’re considering adding some pool lighting to our outdoor pool space, the first thing you need to consider is safety. Lighting= electricity. Electricity and water are not a good combination unless they are thoroughly thought out and properly installed and maintained.

Electric motors and in-pool lights have to be grounded and all steel structures bonded. It’s important to do the same thing for all lighting around any body of water as well.

Making sure your lighting system near water is safe starts with the equipment. Us a 12-volt lighting system. You are able to use a 120-volt system, they have to be installed by an electrician; however, a general rule-of-thumb is the less voltage, the less dangerous.

It’s important to take into consideration the quality of equipment you choose. Inexpensive plastic fixtures designed to be installed by the homeowner are not suitable for landscape lighting, especially near any water. That is very dangerous! Those products are susceptible to damage and have inferior service lives. You want to think in terms of quality over quantity. Choose a cast brass or other non-rusting materials. They are created to endure the outdoors.

Interior Pool Lighting

Any wiring done next to a body of water needs to be done in conduit. Some installers will allow direct burial cables, and it is more affordable, but it is not always the safest. Talk these options over with your electrician.

A good rule to follow: you do not want any part of the lighting system, the fixtures, wiring, or transformers, to become submerged in water at any time. You want the whole system to be as resistant to damage as possible.

Another layer of added protection involves proper grounding of transformers. In some cases you’ll have to use pool and spa transformers- depending on location.

The last factor to consider when adding outdoor lighting to your yard or landscape is location. You want it installed at least six feet from any water so that no human could touch the lighting while part of their body is still touching the water. This is the safest and smartest way to avoid any electricity-related incidents.


When to Repair or Replace Spa Controls

If you have a spa or hot tub, you know how relaxing they can be at the end of the day. There’s nothing more disappointing than suiting up, heading out to the spa, and finding your controls to be dead. This is where you have to ask yourself the question: is it time to repair or replace your spa controls?

Vinyl Liner Pool & Spa by Legendary Escapes

Before a pool professional can answer this question, they have to understand a few points. There are new technologies and improvements coming out each year. Important points to consider are:


  • The age of your spa
  • If you want state-of-the-art, reliable and fully-warranted controls
  • How frequently you use your spa
  • How long you want your spa/hot tub to last

Here’s a good idea to consider: If the spa is older than five years or beyond the warranty period, it is in your best interest to replace the controls. Newly installed controls will come with a limited warranty/support that you will not have with repairs. While new is nice, sometimes people will opt for replacement. Replacing controls can be faster, easier, and sometimes (but not always) less expensive. Most of today’s controls can be adjusted to fit about any spa. That saves time in ordering new parts.

If you’re not sure what to do, just give your local pool service company a call and weigh the pros and cons. They will have your spa up and running in no time!

Tru-Tile by Latham Industries in Vinyl and Hybrid Pools

Hybrid Pool {BRN} Chelsea MI (3)There are so many options when choosing a surface for you pool. It can be overwhelming. First, start with your budget. How much are you looking to pay? Next, consider your level of maintenance. Do you want something that can wear and tear or something that is low-key?

If you are looking for a beautiful and low maintenance option for your pool surface, consider TruTile by Latham Industries. It has the look of natural ceramic tile but the low-maintenance of a vinyl liner. The TruTile system available through Legendary Escapes allows you to have both!

Enjoy all the advantages of vinyl with all the beauty of real tile!


  • Works in a vinyl liner pool designed for the TruTile system
  • Works with six-inch ceramic tile designs
  • All floor patterns are available for your vinyl liner
  • Vinyl liners are softer to the touch than concrete pools
  • Vinyl liners are easier to clean than concrete pools
  • Trim colors come in white, gray and blue


Check out these pools with TruTile with a vinyl liner!

2013 Masters of Design Award Winning Pool by Legendary Escapes Al Curtis

Hybrid Pool Legendary Escapes
Hybrid Pool, Waterfall, Spa, Pool House

Swimming Pool Spa Legendary Escapes (26)

Water Haulers- Michigan

Choosing proper fill-water is essential for good, quality swim water. If you are in  a spot where you need to fill or top-off your swimming pool; you have a few options.

City/Municipal Water:

You can use the hose water and fill your pool from your home water supply. If you live somewhere with city water, you will likely be charged for the water going into the pool and the city might charge a discharge fee as well. If you choose to use city or municipal water please test your water source so you know what it contains. Some cities will treat their water and give it a high pH. Adding water with a high pH to a swimming pool can cause the pool to turn colors. It can also create scale in a pool. Knowing what is in your water will allow you to adjust it accordingly.

Well Water:

It is possible to use well water to fill your pool. Many people in Michigan and around the country do so. Be aware, well water can contain a lot of iron and other minerals which can cause staining and discoloration of swimming pool water and pool surfaces. If you live in an area with a high iron content, you may want to consider putting the water through a pre-filter before adding to the pool. Ask the Pool Guy suggests using a product such as FerriIron Tablets to remove iron from the pool water. They work best with sand filters; FerriIron Tabs will remove the iron entirely from the pool! If you have a pool that has any staining or discoloration from iron/rust you can pre-treat with Natural Chemistry Stain Free, and then use FerriIron Tablets for removal.


If you would prefer to fill your pool with a truck there are some local companies that will be able to assist. Please know how many gallons of water you will need so you can specify if you need one truck or two. It is also helpful to know how long the hose run is from the truck which will park on the street, to the pool area. They need to know how many hoses to bring and how many they will have to set up to deliver the water to your pool.

Water Chemistry: However you end up filling your pool, the water will need to be balanced. It’s important to always test your water and have proper water balance to keep your pool equipment and surfaces in the best condition possible. Please refer to our water chemistry guides, or book Ask the Pool Guy’s Everyday Guide to Swimming Pools for help in balancing your pool water.

Livingston County

Aqua Haul, Fowlerville, MI 517-546-1991


Washtenaw County ** Our Favorite

Blue Water Transport, Ken,  734-429-9185- Based in Saline, will travel to Livingston and surrounding areas.

Genessee County

Michigan Water Transport – Flint, Genessee County – 810-744-2771

Curtz Pool Water (Genessee County – 810-639-2837

Ken Brown Trucking (Flint Area) 810-230-6725

Macomb Township

Blue Water Trucking, Romeo Michigan 586-752-4529

Oakland County

Aqua Fill 248-684-5008